Sunday, July 25, 2010

I forgive everything u did because
I need you,
I trust you and I trust every single word that come out from ur mouth,
I love you and I realli mean it,

And I hope everthing ll be ok,
I don't wan u to get hurt when I am (always) not around.
It's indeed make me feel something.
The feeling that can't be describe but onli can be feel deeply inside...

I always trying to satisfy you to make you happi
wish what I did realli worth for it

All this year, it mean alot to me, realli alot
Jus wan you to know I ll always be there for you no matter what happen
I wont leave you

I love you

The love that never end... (this is wat i hope)

^^ Wrote this for nothing lolx XD^^
Syiok sendiri saja
I am still the same

oh ya forgot to wish myself...
already 20... so old XD


Thx for all of y'all wishes... Thx alot ^^ hav a nice day ^^

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Degree L!f3

I just finished my week 2 in MMU for this trimestes ^^ totally diff from TARC... I mean the way v learn & being taught.. if u used to teach by lecturer during ur class, u ll find it is weird when u come to MMU n learn everything with computer @.@

V hav to online to get ourselve copy of lectures notes, tutorial questions, info regarding our assignments..etc... everything is deal with computer... Recently I hav start my first assignment which is quite fun... V r assign to create a blog and post at least 2 posts per week about creative stuffs or jus ur own artwork... XD can visit my blog at (purposely for tis subject) ^^

Aight.. Jus a short post...

Friday, June 4, 2010

What the f*** BHP???

I jus online playing my facebook n saw a link from my frens post about BHP petrol 'MALAYSIA'!!!

A girl is burned to death in the car during an accident happened at Cheras bout 320am... A pass by driver saw the accident and would wan to help... A girl stuck inside the car and the engine start to hav fire spark... the driver drove to nearest petrol station to lend fire extinguisher.. de workers refused to lend it and said tat de door cannot be open to take out the fire extinguisher... They quarrel for quite long and even said will report to the police if the driver refused to go away...

The driver bac to see wat happen to the girl but its already too late... the girl is burned to death inside the car.. when police arrived, the driver told the police bout wat happen at BHP petrol.. the police also scold wif anger bout wat had happen...

when they call to the so call the managing director Tan Kim Thiam.. he said he was regret bout wat had happened and said robberies usually happened during late nite... WTF... He summor said the workers do not see any accidents happened tats y never help... wat kind of comment is tat?? TKT, if ur family is inside the car tat time n ppl refused to help? wat will u feel? Train ur workers properly la!!! got money but no brain!!! yeah go ahead n sue me for wat i say here..

Damn sad wei living here as one of Malaysians... tis news can be read online by the star...

boycott BHP!!! dun fill in petrol ther!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

-ll be dead for a moments-

Tis is jus a short updatez bout me... ^^ I ll not be able to online for at least a month bcoz I ll be moving to seri kembangan tis weekends... study at MMU... finally they approve my application after it been hold for few weeks due to some f***ing prob wif previous coll (TARcoll).. ><>

Tis is wat i choose to learn, study n be part of my life ^^ design, design, design!!! I got alot of doodles, sketches, graffiti haven post in my blog... lazy to take pix XD but i promise ll upload after i get my new connection soon... ^^

All the best to myself in new environment (MMU) ^^ gud luck


Monday, May 10, 2010

Something about science ^^

wootsss.... the title make tis post look vry bored or sort of like nerdy perhaps XD haha
i am not goin to talk about some new discoveries or inventions...
It is something about wat the media trying to do nowadays for young generation...
Whether wat I am goin to write is true or not, at least u can see it urself and judge it urself...
(mayb some of u hav read bout it before but I'll still blog bout it.. u can say its not a big deal bout tis but at least it attract me though^^)

I was once so crazy wif the Transformers movies and their toys even it is now XD haha
so, recently I hav been checking on their pictures, blog and all sort of stuff regarding transformers... yeah u can say i am a kid.. (i never deny that) I am a kidults XD haha

aight.. aight... bac to my main purpose of tis blog... the picture below is a black and white picture of someone. guess is who? ^^ u can google for tis picture... is a real picture of some1 vry famous...
Is Albert Einstein when he was young... Is he reminds u of some1 in the transformer's movies?
now look at de 2nd picture of 'Sam Witwicky' XD
is they look familiar? cont to read my post ^^
tis is the purpose I blog bout it... I was so surprised the 1st time i saw the picture of einstein when he was young from some1's post bout the comparison between both of them...
I am trying to blog bout wat i hav read from his/her post...

said in the post, there are so many actors out there but y they chose tis young man? they could hav be some reason for tat... Tis is wat the media trying to do to... the entire movie is sending the message "Science is cool"...
While Megan Fox is just a flower vase XD purpose is to use 'sex' to sell 'science'
(tis is wat almost all the industry trying to do now especially fashion industry, to use sexappeal to sell their product...)
it's true rite? ^^

so, is it Michael Bay goin on some kind of mission under US government or NASA to promote the power of techologies, engineering, logics and science to the younger generation??? XD

Aight... tis is the end of my story about science... don't blame me if u think it is bullshit.. it is quite true for me in certain aspect especially bout the technologies these days... there's alot of hi-tech thingy v might never seen before especially if it is deal wif military... alot of secret behind ther to be find out ^^


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Expression thru art

This is my expression about 'City'....
Full of rubbish, dirt, jam, pollution, buildings, etc.
An artwork can tell thousand words... ^^
...Imagine it by urself...


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another usual month (boring)

waiting my results at TAR coll... Hope to get something tat i wan ^^
I am actually still thinking whether the course i wan to study at MMU is realli wat i wan???
I realli dunno until i get to know all of it but there's no time for me to go study all of them so i hav to bet... Hopefully i'll win my bet or else i ll regret XD

Aight.. 4get it ^^ my recent drawing... As usual no nid explain much... Tis is the onli thing i love to draw ^^ Try it, u'll know it... No rulez... Freedom!!! ^^
Top : Is a chinese character.. My surname ""
Below : Quite old skul wif the solid alphabet.. lil bit 3d...
tats all ^^

- ciaoz -